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Hey, guys. I'm new! I write Naruto weirdo fics. If anyone's interested, I'd be waiting for the request for the links. Kk.. I'm short of words, err.. Hello! ^_^;;
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The Newbie Waves

I just found this community and odd couplings are what I always seem to like and rarely find in fics.

Yaoicest (yaoi incest) is one of my biggies: Yuki/Tatsuha in Gravitation

I also like Hiro/Shuichi in Gravitation, Hiei/Yuusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiro/Trowa in Gundam Wing

Basically, seme/seme makes my heart pound. I find that beyond hot.

Slash Reader's Book List

Alright for those of you who are interested and those of you who responded to the post I posted before about the Slash Reader's Community I finally got around to setting it up. slashreaders, umm... other wise things are in progress. :) Big thanks to celtic_lady, who's doing a layout for it. I'll have more up on the site eventually. But I'm working on that, however my book decided to distract me again. ;)
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flashbulb icon - ISHIDA-KUN <3


it's all about:
dejimon kaizer x ichijouji ken (digimon 02) weird thing about it? they're the same person, or individual i should say. i'm not sure what point i'm making, but all in all, they're both are in the same body, just with totally different personality

kimura kouichi x minamoto kouji (digimon frontier) weird thing about it? almost like suboshixamiboshi; they're twins!

well, those are the odd ones i have in my stash so far~


I like just about any kind of pairing, including...er, incest (can I say that? -_-;;). Like AmiboshixSuboshi or SesshoumaruxInuYasha; SohRyuxKijin. I also like the YnM boys paired however--particularly TsuzukixByakko, and TatsumixTsuzuki. RikugouxTsuzuki, RikugouxKijin. RikugouxSohRyu (yeah, I really like Rikugou). SchuldigxYouji--consensual. SchuldigxAya--also consensual. InuYashaxMiroku. YukifumixSakuya. SaixHikaru. NakagoxHotohori. TomoxTamahome. TouyaxAki. The list just grows and grows.

I have nothing to contribute at this time, sorry. Various fanfics are simmering, though, so...

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~waves hello~ I love odd pairings, alternate pairings, and unspeakable pairings. I have a lot of fun switching boys around even though I "support" a lot of canon/damn obvious pairings too. Does that even make sense? For instance, my favourite pairing in Yami no Matsuei is Tsuzuki x Hisoka, but I looooove Kijin x Hisoka, Tohda x Tsuzuki, umm Muraki or Sohryu or Nagare x Hisoka *cough* err where was I? ^_^;;

SO in order to have something to contribute, i did a sketch of Inui and Kaidou from Prince of Tennis... definitely an odd couple but they get paired quite a bit in doujinshis! ^_^ I had no pictures to reference so they look a bit ... well probably a bit more attractive then they should be, I tend to draw very pretty boys >)

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